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Sinking Fund Planning

Preparing a Sinking Fund Forecast or Plan, or a 10 Year Maintenance Plan is as much an art as a science. There is a fine balance between ensuring that all future expenditure is covered, to avoid unexpected special levies, and excessive allowances that impose unnecessary costs on owners.

A Solutions In Engineering report ensures that the owners’ funds are used in the most efficient manner, to keep levies as low as possible while ensuring the proper maintenance of the property. We strive to achieve a balance, to ensure that adequate funds are available to cover major expenses, while avoiding the unnecessary build-up of capital reserves that owners could put to better use.

We have completed over 17,000 Sinking Fund Forecasts and Plans and 10 Year Maintenance Plans, for all types of buildings. Our experience ranges from duplexes to the largest residential, commercial and industrial schemes in Australia.

Here is why Solutions In Engineering is the biggest supplier of Sinking Funds & 10 Year Maintenance Plans in the country:

For our clients, we ensure that:

Our reports are compiled using our proprietary software that has been custom designed to calculate the most efficient possible use of your funds, within the requirements of each Australian jurisdiction.

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Qld Sinking Fund Forecast (307 kB)

NSW Sinking Fund Plan (303 kB)

Vic 10 Year Maintenance Plan (307 kB)