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Queensland Pool and Spa Compliance

Who else would you use with a FREE government pool registration service, competitive pricing, the experience of 10,000 pool safety inspections already and most importantly accurate and timely advice?

As a professional Real Estate Property Manager/Owner you want to ensure your pool certification process is as easy as possible to organise and implement. With $16,500 fines for each instance of non-compliance, a 90 day compliance period and 600,000 pools to certify it must be on time every time.

A property with a pool cannot have a new lease until the pool is certified. When a residential property with a pool is sold there is a 90 day period in which to get the pool compliant. Here are 4 key benefits for using Solutions In Engineering for your compliance regime:-

Think about cramming this into 90 days:

Property lease to be signed/sold order pool certification pool inspected report received get quotes for any work needed get owner’s permission to go ahead engage contractor organise re-inspection if compliant then receive a certificate.

What are smart Real Estate Property Managers/Owners doing?

Ordering all your pool certifications now taking the hassle and pressure associated with getting the certification process completed. Remember a lease cannot be signed until the pool certificate is received. By ordering now you will get a great result including a great price, and delivery in an efficient manner to agreed timelines.

Fact Sheets

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